The Artist Mothers Group was formed in October of 2001 by a group of women looking for a way to express their creativity and at the same time, care for their children. The group first began to meet in a member’s home. In this relaxed setting, they arranged for a model and easels on the first floor and childcare on the second. As a result of these first sessions, AMG had their first group show in August, 2002.

Active women, devoted mothers, and talented artists form the Artist Mothers Group. Working together has allowed them to flourish as mothers, artists and contributors to their community. Composed of painters, fiber artists, pencil and pastel artists, 3-D sculpture artists, ceramics craftswomen, and photographers, many of this diverse group are award winners for their solo works.

Pursuing their artistic passions while meeting the needs of their children at the same time sounded like a dream until they made it a reality. Having their children beside them has been essential. As a group, they found a way to do both.

In 2002, Sponsored by the Long Beach Art League, AMG received the Nassau Council for the Arts Grant and was invited to hold their weekly drawing sessions at the Long Beach Community Center. This led to a second group show, in January 2003; and an award from the Nassau Council for the Arts in March 2003 for a show entitled “The Motherhood Experience”. “The Motherhood Experience” was exhibited at the Long Beach Public Library in October 2003. The exhibit was featured in Newsday’s Sunday edition of “LI Life”.

Since that time the AMG has continued to exhibit in a variety of South Shore Art Galleries. Please contact us at 516-432-4078 for more information on upcoming exhibits or about becoming a member.

Inspiring Artist Mothers to Reignite Their Artistic Passions